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Thursday, October 27, 2011

go 048-new balance jumpsuit

still like new
bright colour
RM 10

go 047-guess baby jeans - SOLD

sezen cantik
item i like
RM 15

go 046-self ensteem ® AS

colour cun
dh bebulu
bole buat basahan
RM 2

go 045-nike girl - SOLD

peach colour
ada kne mata pen
tp x jelas..
RM 6

go 044- gap choco © SOLD

sgt comel
emboidery word
RM 7

go 043 - BeBe stripe

kt hujung lengan ada tag
RM 5

go 042-hushhush

peach colour
RM 5

go 041-roxy jeans

rare n rock..
boot cut jeans
sgt gorgeous
sezen2 style n ade lubang ckit tp cantik
item i like..
RM 25

go 040-guess bling shirt ® ais

size 4
suit 2-3y
screatchable n very goood mterial
in very2 good condition
RM 15

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

go 039-guess pinky - SOLD

sweet pink colour..
corak flowery n luv2
RM 8

go 038-poney l/sleeve

6-12 mnth
still like new
my fav item
RM 10

go 037-place denim skirt

18 month
till 2y bole pakai
sgt2 cantik
sulam gold
RM 20

st 03-graco booster carset

used preloved
up to 40kg
condition 9/10
no stain colour still bright..
price RM 250.00

st 02-maxicosi carset

used preloved
condition 8/10
ade stain skit kt kanan n kiri kepala..
yg lain masih cantik..
reason anak dh x suit..

price RM 390
include postage..

st 01- cybex ruby stroller

used preloved
cybex ruby bluebird
condition 9.5/10
still like new
no stain or scracth..
very sweet n bright n clean colour..

price RM 399

including postage..